Our Heritage


In the first few years of the new millennium, Aubrey felt the Lord impressing him to lead his congregation to begin prophetically declaring that America is a wonderful Christian nation. Since that time, ungodly voices have tried to convince us all that America has entered a post-Christian era, on the way toward collapse. Fear, civil disobedience, murder, and other crimes are rising.

Don’t lose hope.

The Bible is the key to all substantial hope. This book is about biblical eschatology (the study of endtime). God intended eschatology to give people hope and victory, in the darkest of times. Christianity will always bounce back, and America will bounce back with it. Our Heritage—Eschatological Hope for a Christian Nation will show you how to fight the good fight of faith and take part in the coming Jesus revival that will bless all nations and change the course of history before the rapture.



Our Heritage by Aubrey Jackson contains a fresh end-times perspective that will awaken your undying hope to see America saved.

Our Heritage brings to light:

  • How to understand what will precede the rapture and the second coming

  • America’s role in the last days

  • How the ascension of Jesus Christ empowered us to turn our country around NOW

  • Why God needs you to win souls with healing’s and miracles today

  • How Believers can get on the offense and take hold of victory in the last days


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