Heritage Kids Church is a really fun and exciting place where your children can experience God’s presence, know God’s love and build godly relationships with their amazing friends and enthusiastic leaders. We provide an atmosphere where kids can praise and worship God and learn God’s word. Each child will be able to retain important truths and valuable principles that will enable them to conquer in life. They will grow to become men and women of faith, integrity, godly character, confidence in their identity in Christ and confidence that God loves them. If you have children between the ages of 4 and 12, it will be a privilege to meet your children and your family. 

Making the Most

Our desire is for every child to have a fun and life changing experience so we set guidelines to ensure everyone is in a safe environment. Come expecting to know God’s love and experience His presence and together we will have fun!

First Time

Please give us the honor to celebrate you when you come to visit Heritage Kids Church for the first time. We have a special gift for you, so please remember to get your gift at the check-in desk before you leave. 

Birthday Gift

We want to celebrate your child’s birthday! If your child has a birthday in the current month we are in then please go to the check-in desk and get a special birthday gift for your child. (One gift per child, per year)

Small Groups on Sunday at 11am service

Children grow together in their small groups which are formed by age and gender to reinforce the Bible lesson and lesson objective applicable to specific life and developmental stage. During small groups children have the opportunity to discuss the lesson on their level, ask questions, participate in games and/or make a craft along with building a closer bond with peers and their leaders. Rewards are distributed from small groups leaders to children who display positive behavior by following the rules, enthusiastically contributing in discussion and encouraging others to make good choices. 

Partnering with Parents/Guardians

We’re committed to partner with you in your child’s spiritual growth process in knowing God’s love and experiencing His presence. We believe that parents/guardians have a huge influence in their child’s life. Every week we teach children simple bible truths and we offer you “Train Up” weekly emails that will help you to have discussion starters about the lesson your child learned on Sunday and assist you in making the lesson real to them. 


Bring your child age 4 to 12 years old to our safe and fun mid-week “WON-der-FULLY Wednesday” pick’er upper service where they can be refreshed, rejuvenated and re-energized. We believe your child is fearfully and “WON-der-FULLY” made in the image of Christ. Children will have an opportunity to recharge through Bible-centered discussions, praise, fellowship with other peers and participating in special activities with fun and energetic leaders. We also provide the children with a light snack during service. Children will leave ready to positively conquer the rest of the week. We look forward to having your fearfully and “WON-der-FULLY” made, child of God.




Safety and security is one of our top priorities at Heritage Kids Church that’s the reason we have chosen KidCheck as our check in system. To make the check-in experience fast and easy, please set-up a FREE KidCheck account at your convenient by clicking the link below. 

Pre-Register on website or download the KidCheck App Free. KidCheckCheckOnly_Color

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or would like more information email