25th Anniversary

Heritage International Christian Church was started on May 7, 1995, by a group of over 200 enthusiastic people who met for worship at North Hardin High School in Radcliff.  In 1996 the congregation started leasing 9,120 square feet in a Radcliff shopping center at 660 Knox Boulevard. The Lord instructed our pastors to build a church in an ideal location to reach people near a military post and touch others who are oppressed by the devil.

A decision was needed to determine what name would be appropriate for a church that would reach out to all people, no matter where they may come from.  While placing various names on a board and praying for God to show them the correct one to use, Heritage was manifested.  International was then brought forward, because of the need for Gods word to reach out to people of many races and nationalities. We want to thank everyone for their generous giving, support and prayers over these past 25 years, and we thank God in advance for many more years of winning souls and teaching people about the power of God's word.